E-learning – SSR

Since 2011 each SSR course has an online environment, which is a course page in Moodle. An open source e-learning platform that also includes a number of e-learning tools. SSR makes use of course pages in Moodle for both initial training and continuous training. This course page serves two goals:

  • Provide course information, e.g. location, time schedule, literature.
  • Offer learning tools, e.g. questionnaires, web lectures, quizzes.

Blended learning

With this set up, SSR courses have a ‘blended’ format, meaning that classroom training is combined with e-learning. In most cases e-learning is used as preparation for classroom training. The overall purpose is to facilitate course preparation anytime, anywhere and to make course preparation more attractive and effective by using different tools instead of only reading materials. This preparation saves time during classroom training, thus creating space for interactive training methods, which are considered more effective from an educational point of view.


Next to blended courses, SSR offers a number of e-learning courses without classroom training or guided instructions from a trainer online. With these e-learning courses employees in the judiciary or prosecution can learn with maximum flexibility.


SSR has its own studio to record and edit different types of video productions like web lectures, interviews and webinars. These videos are mainly produced for use as course preparation (blended learning) or as part of an e-learning course. However, most of the videos are accessible on the SSR website.