Excellent training for a just society – SSR
Since its establishment in 1960, SSR has been the joint training institute of the Dutch judicial system and the Public Prosecution Service, operating independently from the Ministry of Justice.

The unique training offer of SSR is that we are using the cases and experience within the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service. Many of our teachers work within the judicial system or are attached to a university and thus combine academic knowledge with daily practice.

SSR contributes to a well-trained organization of courts and the legal unity within the Netherlands. In addition, SSR is active internationally. Including as co-founder of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), which promotes and facilitates the development, training and exchange of knowledge and skills of the judiciary in the European Union.

Besides its main office, which has been located in Utrecht since the end of 2012, SSR also facilitates local training sites at court buildings and public prosecutor’s offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Bosch.

For further information about our organisation, please read initial training programmes and life-long education. Watch our video on e-learning and see how you can contact us via the page international contacts.