Lifelong education – SSR
Besides the initial training programmes, SSR also offers further education for judges, public prosecutors and legal staff, based on the principle that learning and continuous education remain essential throughout our careers. Annually, a total of 25,000 students are enrolled in our programmes and training courses, which are increasingly based on innovative methods, using the ‘MIJN SSR’ online learning environment.

SSR, the Public Prosecution Service and the judicial system jointly set the curriculum and determine the range of courses. This ensures that the legal community as a whole can share professional knowledge and expertise. What makes this knowledge-sharing process unique is that we have access to each other’s cases and can learn from one another’s experiences. Apart from members of the legal community, SSR also works with lecturers from universities and other educational institutions. This allows us to create a wide range of courses incorporating both practical and theoretical knowledge, with a strong focus on the magistracy.